Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 23: Share a particularly good or controversial comment I've received.

Hi All

Well, I had no idea what to do for this one! I've never really had a controversial comment left for me but I guess I've never really written anything to provoke (if that's the right word!) a controversial response. I have had some lovely comments left for me over the last month and have been overwhelmed by the kindness of, hopefully, some new blogging friends :) So, instead, I thought I'd write a little about why commenting on blogs is important, at least why it is to here are my ramblings if you want to keep reading lol!

The blogging world is really driven by an active audience, commenting either for good or critiquing what people have decided to share about the world or their life. Of course, you do have some people out there who will spam or make rude comments just because that's how they enjoy spending their time. But for every one of them, there are ten genuine people commenting truthfully on what you have to say. One of my mini goals at the moment is to comment more on the blogs that I read. It is very easy, and I often fall into this trap, of popping along and reading blog posts but then not popping a comment below to say I appreciated what they had written or my view/comments on what they have posted. However, whenever someone takes the time to comment on a post I have written, I am so grateful. It gives validity to something I've written, it hopefully means that someone out there has enjoyed reading my ramblings and it just makes me happy lol! The blogging world is so vast now that it is really hard to get your blog noticed and enjoyed, but by commenting on even the small blogs, it shows that it is worth persevering with their blog, it is worth pursuing what they enjoy and what they have to say is worth listening to. Ooh this is sounding quite philosophical now so I'm going to shut up!

Just one last all who have left lovely comments for me, particularly over the last month but also to those who have commented on my old blog before this one, thank you. I appreciate them all and they all make me smile :) I promise to comment more to repay the favour!



  1. I'm with you, nothing to provoke controversial comments.

  2. You said it so well!

    I've got the same goal, to comment more on the blogs I visit that have an impact on me. There are so many blogs that I love, but I don't show them all that much love! Time to change that!