Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Day 21-What's on your plate?

Hi All

Sorry for the late post and I took this post literally so hope that is ok! I have eaten nothing of any interest today so here is a piccie of a cake I got yesterday when I went out with my friend for her birthday, and a nice cup of tea. This was my little treat this evening, a yummy double chocolate chip muffin...mmmm:

A 'plate' related story is that these were my bargain plates from Ikea at 40p each lol! Unfortunately, my hubby opened the cupboard door a few weeks ago and the stand we had our plates etc on must have been unstable and it all fell on the floor! He was fine, although half of it hit his head(!), but the dinner set was not :( It was a wedding present so I was absolutely gutted. I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear or two but we just bought these little plates in order to get us by until we buy a new set. Are any of you sentimental over things like that? I don't know if it is still my hormones or whether it is just me being a soppy sod!

Hope you've had a lovely day!


  1. Oh, so sorry about the plate accident! Glad hubby is not injured.

  2. oooh yum!!
    (hugs) sorry to hear about the plates :( I would have cried too! xxx

  3. oh no disaster! I would have been upset too! I love your mug! I need that one I think! yummy choc muffin too :) xo Charm