Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 9: 5 Things I love on a Friday

Hi All

Since having a baby, Friday is a different story to what it used to be! I used to look forward to lie ins, going out perhaps having a shopping spree, it usually meant at least one day off (the other would be spent lesson planning, marking, writing reports etc.) and it was a chance to try and relax with my hubby. Now it has changed...not for the's just different! At the moment here are five things that I love on a Friday:
  1. My husband coming home knowing we will have some time together, even if it is just chilling at home with our gorgeous baby girl.
  2. A little more sleep! Usually on a Friday night, my husband will take charge on the night shift/early shift so I can catch up on a little sleep.
  3. This is something awful to admit to but since being with my husband and getting to know his Marvel obsession more, I really enjoy watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. programme! Best not let my hubby watch this!
  4. 'Proper tea'-as a child, Friday nights were always 'proper tea' nights which was like a little buffet! My Mum used to make sandwiches or crackers, get some crisps and cake out and we'd just snack on it for the evening whilst watching telly or a film together as a family. I still make my hubby have this now, even though it is a little strange to him (and my sister-in-law as my older brother makes her do it too!)
  5. Planning our weekend. With not being at work at the moment it is lovely to spend the weekends doing family things. We have started going for a walk straight after Church on a Sunday which gives us chance to catch up and enjoy being together as a family in a different place to the supermarket!

Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to read what five things you love on a Friday are!

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  1. These alls sound like lovely reasons to celebrate a Friday to me!