Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 2: What's in your cup?

Hi All

Here's to my second day posting for the 'Blog every day in May' challenge! The topic is 'What's in your cup?' My daily drinks aren't that adventurous lol. Most of the time I drink just normal tea....I'm not too fussy on brand, at the moment we are drinking Typhoo tea as my Nan gave me some when I saw her last. My Nan is a legend....she buys food when it is on offer and then passes it all out to us grandkids when we go to visit! Her bedroom is like a shop....we call it 'Nanasburys' ;) I am currently trying to lose some weight so I am trying to drink lots of water, again not too interesting! So, instead of concentrating on 'What's IN my cup' I thought I'd show you my actual cup I'm drinking from lol! Hope this is of some interest lol!

I have a bit of an extensive mug collection....we really need to purge the mug cupboard...but there is something about a nice mug that makes me feel happy! Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit low or just need cheering up, I will select a certain mug and it makes the drink taste much nicer. Silly I know! My favourite mugs are my Emma Bridgewater mugs. They are just so pretty. I've never bought one for myself as they are pretty pricy, but I have been lucky enough to receive three as gifts. One from my brother-in-law, one from a friend and one from one of my students. I really like the unusual shape of the mugs and I love the sentiments on them. Here is my current collection:

An Emma Bridgewater tea set is definitely on my wish list! My favourite is probably the polka dots. I am lucky enough to live near to the actual factory so get to have a rummage in the factory shop sometimes! Often just as good and you can get a little bargain or two. I love giving her items as presents as they definitely seem like something special.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! It does seem a little random but I guess some of these topics will be a little different. It allows us all to get to know each other a little better which is great! I'd love to see your favourite mugs or what is currently in your cup.

Until tomorrow...

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