Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 29-What I said 'yes' to today?

Hi All

Interesting prompt today....can't say I've said yes to anything interesting today lol! Yes to a cup of tea, to popping out to the supermarket tonight lol! However, I do think I say yes a bit too much sometimes-do you ever feel like that? Do you ever have anyone say to you...'you need to learn to say no!' I have that a lot and I find it really hard to do, I never want to let anyone down, I always want to try and help and I don't want to upset people. But I do sometimes need to say no, sometimes to stop getting myself so stressed!

Sorry, I feel this is a bit of a short post so thought I'd share some piccies from my hubby's birthday on Monday! Here you go:



  1. I am the same... "No" is something I find hard to say!
    Great pics!! Hope your hubby enjoyed his B'day!!! :D

  2. It can be hard to say no, for sure. Also, your daughter is adorable!