Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 7: Where are you writing from today?

Hi All

My post today is written in between feeds for my 17 week old, snuggles with my Charlie cat (seen above) and finishing the laundry! I actually find myself having more time since being on maternity leave, than when I was at work to actually blog which is crazy! My sofa is definitely my favourite place to blog and I am really enjoying getting back into it....just need to find a little more time to bloghop! I am hoping still to be off for another five/six months maternity if funds will allow, but it has really shown me how much quality time I am missing out on. Not only time to spend with my family and friends but also time just to do something that I enjoy like blogging and crafting, catching up on a book or two. It has me questioning whether I want to go back to the work life I had before having a baby or whether I will just adapt naturally...but perhaps this is for another post!

I just thought I'd steal a few moments to update my blog and reflect on the challenge so far! I am really enjoying blogging about a variety of topics and being able to reflect on different areas and read about what other people's thoughts are. This challenge has introduced me to some fabulous blogs which I hope to continue reading after May has ended. So thanks Sunday for a fab challenge!



  1. I hope your funds allow you to spend as much time at home as you desire. Enjoy

  2. I hope you can have more time at home :) I'm really enjoying reading your blog! I want to read more hehe! I'm also loving reading new blogs and building up the habit of blogging regularly... here's hoping we can keep it up after May lol!

  3. good luck extending your maternity leave - I look back and wish I had spent more time off work. Enjoy your time.

  4. Congratulations on being a new mom. I am expecting so I am looking forward to all the fun you are currently experiencing. It sounds like you blogging spot is a special one. I'm glad you are enjoying your time off and your time with your little one.