Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 3: Less/More list.

Hi All

Third day, doing well! Today I need to write a 'less/more list' which I have never done before! So here goes, hoping that I am on the write track!

Less watching - More reading
Less snacking - More veggies
Less moaning - More celebrating
Less spending - More saving
Less worrying - More living
Less hoping - More doing
Less perfection - More myself
Less technology - More talking
Less sofa - More walking
Less regrets - More goals

I hope that is the right kind of thing! I've tried to link it to my goals or current changes I'm making in my life. Hope they make sense as some may seem a little cryptic! Would love to see your less/more lists. I stuck to 10 but probably could have done more lol!

See you tomorrow

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