Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 22: Share a video that I love at the moment.

Hi All

This prompt got me thinking....I watch some lovely vlogs but I wasn't sure what would be of interest to you. But then I thought everyone has got to love a Simon's Cat video right? If you haven't heard of them then check them out, especially if you are a cat owner! The one below is called 'Crazy Time' and my cat has one of these nearly everyday...luckily nothing usually gets broken! Hope you enjoy!


I don't know how to link the video properly from the image so apologies....but if you click on the picture above it should take you to the relevant video!



  1. I love crazy time with my Coco! I think she is just getting in touch with her kitten self! My favourite is the running along the couch sideways bit. :)

    To link the video into your window, on YouTube just click share>embed, then copy and paste the text into your blog post.

    1. Thanks hun! Will have a go at that next time! Simon's cat is so like ny fluffy Charlie cat! Can really relate to the vids...they always make me laugh!x

  2. This was priceless. I hadn't heard of these videos - I am going back for more!