Sunday, 18 May 2014

Day 18: 10 Things That Make You Happy

Hi All

Apologies for the late post today! We have had a fab day at The Baby Show at the NEC today and I've only just had chance to post. Will try to put an additional post up sometime this week with the highlights and what I bought ;)

Another great prompt today. 10 Things That Make Me Happy are:

  1. My beautiful little girl.
  2. My gorgeous husband.
  3. My fluffy cat, Charlie.
  4. The rest of my family and time together!
  5. My friends, even though some of them I don't see very often, we just start up where we left off the last time!
  6. Reading and getting lost in another person's world.
  7. Stationery of all descriptions lol!
  8. Holidays to Cornwall-such a beautiful place and has lots of old family memories and also a place to make new ones with my own little family.
  9. Crafting of all descriptions!
  10. Baking-I love to bake, everything doesn't always come out brilliantly but I love the process of it and cherish it when things go the way they should.
I could go on and on but these are the things that make me happy at the mo!

Looking forward to reading your lists!


  1. It was difficult limiting myself to just ten happys. Your list is fab!