Saturday, 17 May 2014

Day 17: A Day in the Life of....a New Mummy!

Hi All

What a fab prompt for today. Well, here it is, a day in the life of me, a new Mummy! Actually, on a Saturday it is a little different as Daddy takes over for a little while so Mummy can try and get a little more sleep to make up for the last week of early mornings or night feeds!

5:10-Our wake up call this morning! Last night we put our little one in a gro-bag for the first time, rather than being swaddled. We're not sure if she woke up crying because she had a bad dream or because she was a bit freaked out that she couldn't grab her feet in it! Lol! This is her new trick at the moment...evidence to be seen later on! No photo at this point, I was far too sleepy! Luckily hubby did the first feed today as he tries to do them on a morning so I can get some sleep but no such luck this morning, I eventually got up at 6:20, 10 minutes after Chloe had finished her bottle and they had gone downstairs!

7:00-Time to get dressed! We needed to get Chloe dressed quickly this morning as she had a little nap after her bottle and hubby needed to take the car in for an MOT at 8:00-he was taking Chloe with him. Therefore, Mummy took over! Otherwise they may not have got out on time! Chloe loved her dress that much she thought she'd eat it!

8:00-I made my 'To do' list for the day before quickly getting dressed-it was very strange having the house all to myself, apart from the cat of course! Super quiet!

9:00-A nice cup of tea, that I was able to drink when it was piping hot instead of luke warm....those of you with children will know exactly what I mean lol! The luxury...getting on with my to do list at the same time though!

10:00-I decided I'd watch a bit of Downton Abbey as some of my to do list was on the computer...I think Series 2 is my favourite so any of you like a bit of Downton?

11:00-Just had a phone call to say that hubby and little girl are on their way home. So happy...have missed them lots! Got some of my to do list done...wasn't as productive as I would've liked too involved in Downton I think...oops!

12:30-Time for our third bottle of the day! I've spared you the nappy changes ;) She almost polished it all off! Thirsty work being a baby!

13:00-Time for play! We've had a really lazy day today so have just chilled out and played with Chloe for most of it! Her new trick at the moment is shuffling on her bum off the mat! And also grabbing her feet! Excuse the vest! It has been really hot here today...well for the UK anyway! So she has been in her vest most of the day!

15:00-I've been doing a baby massage course with Chloe but it had been a little while since we had done any. I decided I'd have a go today so I popped some music on and had a go! She was a little unsettled at first but eventually it worked and calmed her down!

15:30-We continued to relax with a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig..her fave at the min! Well, she loves the music and bright colours!

16:00-Nap time whilst Mummy and Daddy caught up on SHIELD from last night. We really have had a lazy day today lol! Although, hubby did go and mow the lawns bless him.

17:30-Just before we had tea Daddy went on his PS3....Chloe had to join him lol! 

21:00-Now it's time for a bath, her last bottle and then an early night for us all. We're off to The Baby Show at the NEC tomorrow....I'm so excited! If we buy anything I will share with you at some point during the week!

Going to sign off now so I can get this up on my blog! Night everyone...sorry my day wasn't more exciting!! Might do this again in the future though as it was fun! Weekends are a little different so may share a weekday next :)

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  1. It sounds like you had a great day!
    Some nice family time, a warm tea and some Downton! All delightful! Hopefully you will be able to keep up with the tea, too! (How I love my tea!)
    How hot is it there?

  2. I loved reading about your day, but loved all the gorgeous bubba photos!