Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 16: 5 blogs I love regularly reading!

Hi All

This was a hard one once again as there are so many blogs that I enjoy on a range of different subjects! So, here are my favourites from a broad range:

Baking Blog:

The Pink Whisk - Ruth over at The Pink Whisk was on a competition in the UK called 'The Great British Bake Off'. Her baking is amazing and she has loads of beautiful recipes and fab cake decorating tips. Definitely one to check out if you like baking!

Organisational Blogs:

Organized Jen - I found Jen's YouTube channel about two years ago now and love her videos. She shares some great hints and tips for organising different areas of your home and life in general. Jen links most of her posts to her blog and you can find the links to her channel on there. She also has a 'busy bee' channel and a 'housewife life' channel-love her vlogs too. Go check her out!

I Heart Organizing - I found this blog through Organized Jen above. This is another Jen (lol) that has fab posts about organising your house and other bits and bobs every now and then. I don't always have chance to comment but love to pop by and see what great wisdom she has to share!

Crafting Blogs:

One of my great loves is crafting-making cards, scrapbooking, SMASHbooking and now Project Life! So it was really hard to pick out just two blogs that I really enjoy popping over to now and then. Again, I don't always post but they always inspire me! A few of my faves are taking part in this challenge (Stuff by Sammi and Give a Girl a Blog) but I thought I'd try and share a few others as you will probably have popped by their websites already. So here we are:

Artfull Scrapbooking - As I have got back into scrapbooking I tried to find some scrappers that were my kind of style. I love to pop over to Lisa's blog and see what she's been up to! Loads of fab layouts and designs. I don't often comment but love to pop over for some quick inspiration...I really should comment more to show her how much I love her work!

Hello. I'm a Paper Addict - I love Cathy's style in her crafting, planner decorating and her project life layouts. She also shares some super cute piccies of her puppies and of her life which I really enjoy seeing too. Cathy has some amazing ideas and I really enjoy popping over to her blog or catching up with her on Instagram.

So those are my five top blogs that I love visiting! Can't wait to discover some more that you enjoy reading-I'd really like to read some daily blogs so hoping you all may introduce me to some!

Thanks for popping by!


  1. I hope you are in the competition to win the KitchenAid on The Pink Whisk! :)

  2. Smash booking sounds like fun!

    1. It is! I like to call it 'messy' scrapbooking!x