Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 11: Go for a photo walk

Hi All

The prompt for today is to share a photo walk. If you don't know, a photo walk is a walk that is documented by photographs. We have started to go for a walk every Sunday after Church and I was intending to share that with you, unfortunately, the weather is terrible here today so I've decided to share some photos that I took a few weeks ago when me and my baby girl had a mother/daughter day and went for a walk around Trentham Gardens. Hope you enjoy!

We started our walk going around the beautiful lake....was a gorgeous day.

Chloe...awake at this point!

About a quarter of the way round....I think it is a 4 mile walk but I may be wrong!

They currently have lots of fairy sculptures so we went in search of them-they were gorgeous and they all have their own names....haven't got the information to hand to name them on here though...sorry!

Almost half way!

Close up of a fairy in the water.

Just as we were reaching the top of the lake-beautiful walk!

On the other side now and there were some great sculptures-I love rhinos so had to take a piccie of Chloe and this little beauty.

The walk on this side wasn't as close to the water but it was lovely walking through the trees-the smell was amazing!

Another fairy just chilling in the water.

I love this shot of this gorgeous fairy-this one looks a bit mischievous!

Just by the Italian gardens here and this was truly stunning, the photo doesn't do it justice!

Gorgeous Chloe had stirred a little and decided she needed a few more mins before her milk!

Wasn't expecting to find this one where we did!

Can't wait to go again, it was lovely.

Eyes just opening...she knew we were going for dinner!

A couple of last shots before we went out of the gardens.


A little selfie of me and my girl to end our day out.

Hope you enjoyed this!
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  1. I love the fairies. And your baby girl fairy too!

  2. oh wow! I love the fairy sculptures - wish we had something like that here! What a great photo walk :) xo Charm

  3. What a wonderful walk!!! Love the pics of your baby girl and the selfie at the end and those fairies... wow!!!