Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Our little bundle of joy arrived....

Hi All

Apologies for the absence but I'm sure you will understand why when I tell you our's a girl! On 8th January our gorgeous little girl, Chloe Elizabeth, was born at 11:20pm, weighing 7lb 3oz. It has been a bit of a fact she is two weeks old today...not sure where that time has gone! Here is a little piccie for you that really shows her character:

Here is how it all happened! Nothing too gory I don't think but thought I best warn you!
It all began on Monday evening (6th)....I hadn't felt little one squirming much so ended up at the hospital to be monitored. All was fine, but I was having cramps and they told me I was contracting! They booked us in for a scan the next day just to make sure all was well. On Tuesday everything came back fine at the scan but we had to be monitored again just to make sure. Contractions had stopped, cramps continued but all was well. We were booked in for an induction on the Friday but the midwife hoped we wouldn't get to that point! Went home to have a nice bath only to lie on the bed in pain before my waters suddenly went at 10pm! Off we went to the hospital once again, they told us to go in straight away as we hadn't had much movement over the past few days only be told to go home again as nothing was happening just yet! Induction was brought forward to Thursday though! By 3am the contractions were coming thick and fast so we were told to go back this point my Mum had been told and she was making the journey down from Sunderland! By the time she arrived, we were being sent home once again as nothing was happening...even though the contractions were extremely painful and were very close together. As I got home, hubby tried to get a bit of sleep but I was in agony, particularly in my back as baby was back to my back. By 10:30 we were on the way once again to the hospital, I really couldn't cope going back home but luckily they said I was 4cm gone! Finally! So I was admitted. After a very long afternoon of gas and air, an epidural was scheduled as I couldn't take the pain anymore and was getting a bit spaced out! I began to feel myself again....asking for biccies and a cup of tea lol! Loads of people had said that I would have baby on the 8th January (even though due date was 11th) so it was a little surreal! However, the doctor said he wouldn't start me pushing until about midnight (I was 9cm by 9:30pm) so we thought little one was going to be born on the 9th. But at 10:30pm I was ready and her heart beat was dropping slightly and so her entry to the world began!! I had to have a forceps delivery but it happened so quickly once they decided to get her out. I could not believe that it was a girl, I was convinced I was having a boy! She was also a pound lighter than thought as they'd been concerned that she was a big baby but she was a gorgeous 7lb 3oz. Skin to skin when she first arrived was amazing, she didn't cry and her eyes were wide open....I couldn't believe how alert she was and how blessed we are to have a beautiful daughter. After some skin to skin with daddy too, we were transferred back downstairs to our own room to spend our first night....she slept, I didn't lol! We were home the next day and were greeted by beautiful flowers and close family who couldn't stay away. I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of family and friends, and of course my hormones have meant they've all had me in tears every few minutes...happy tears of course!

So the past two weeks have been spent recovering, which has taken me a lot longer than I thought it would. We've got ourselves into a little routine now I think and are trying to adjust to being Mum left us yesterday :( She has been a great help and I was so sad to see her go, wish she lived closer but we will see her in a few weeks as my older brother is getting married! Hubby goes back to work next week so from Monday I'm flying solo! Hopefully all will be well but think I will need to build up to going out on my own with much stuff do you need to take...tis crazy! I'm loving being a Mum, it is very tiring and I worry about everything but love her so much, it is totally worth it! So apologies for being absent, I hope to get back to blogging regularly now....when she goes to sleep I will blog! Lol!

Thanks for looking.

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