Thursday, 2 January 2014

Midwife visit-38 weeks!

Hi All

Just a quick post today. A pretty uneventful day today! Started off with a trip to the midwife. All was well, baby still a little big (just above the line they plot) but have been for a growth scan and no issues-midwife wasn't concerned! Just got a buster on board I think! Heartbeat was good, my blood pressure was ok (as has been a little low) and she has made an appointment for me in two weeks time...after my due date! Really hoping that I won't need to keep that appointment and that little one has made an arrival by then. Think they have nestled down for a little while yet though....despite us trying to convince him/her to come a touch early ;)

Got back home and did a bit of housework and sorted out some of our home filing. I always find this so boring and it is definitely an aim to get on top of this and then there won't be as much to sort through! One of the main reasons I need to do this is because we got rid of our filing cabinet that was in the nursery. The filing cabinet was full and was also surrounded by mounds of bags with stuff in! So....I'm downsizing lol! With so much being online now it should be a little easier to keep down! A lot of the filing cabinet was also full of keepsakes rather than being documents we needed to keep. The plan is to use some of the expanding files to keep everything in and hopefully make me keep on top of it all as they don't hold so much! Will keep you is my little project before baby arrives so we will see how much time I have to complete it ;)

Having a bit of a lazy day tomorrow....I have bought a downloadable daily planner from Etsy so I might sort that out tomorrow and share that with you. Hope you have had a good day if you have returned to work today or are still enjoying the holidays if you are lucky enough to still be off! Normality is beginning to reside now, hubby was back at work today...really missed him! Christmas decorations are coming down on Saturday....then it really does become normality! Let the cleaning commence!

Thanks for looking!

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