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Book Review #1 (2014) - 'Calling Mrs Christmas' by Carole Matthews

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A little something different for you today. I have written book reviews before on my old blog but this is my first on my Cozy Corner! This is for a nice festive Chick Lit book that I have recently finished reading...hope you enjoy it!

Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews
August 2013

Being a fan of Christmas and easy Chick Lit reads, this sounded like the perfect book to see in the festive season and it didn't disappoint. It was a real page turner that made me laugh, cry and shout out loud at the protagonist, Cassie.

In a nutshell, Cassie, out of work for a number of months, girlfriend to Jim, a prison officer in a young offenders institute, loves Christmas. To get herself out of the rut she finds herself in, she decides to go for it and start her own business, 'Calling Mrs Christmas,' in the quest to help plan and prepare for everyone's Christmas. Sounds like a dream job and it really is until she meets Carter, a handsome millionaire who is about to turn her life upside down.

If you like all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, are not immune to a bit of romance and like the thought of a happy ending, you will love this. Matthews takes you on Cassie's and Jim's relationship journey but also gives you an insight into their individual lives. I enjoyed reading about Jim's daily work at the young offender's unit just as much as I did Cassie's work preparing for Christmas parties, decorating people's houses and planning trips of a lifetime to Lapland! As a reader, you are able to experience Cassie's excitement and nervousness starting a new business, Jim's emotional attachment to his work, Carter's loneliness due to his demanding work and still are able to keep up with what is going on and escape into the magical time of Christmas. Not many books make me cry, and it could be down to my current hormonal state(!), but it is more likely to do with the many moving moments that Matthew creates in her novel. From the trials and tribulations of Jim and Cassie, to the two young offenders Smudge and Rozzer who you become as fond of as Jim does, to a man trying to reconnect and find time for his children, if you are not already in tears you will be close! It is done in an easy read, quite 'happy endingish' way but I like that in my Chick Lit....that's why we read them isn't it? To escape into a different world where most of the time, everything turns out alright in the end. From tears you move onto becoming an 'insane woman' shouting at your kindle/book telling Cassie what to do but also shouting advice to the male characters too. I was constantly coming out with 'tell her' or 'what a ridiculous idea Cassie'....I loved how involved I got with the characters.

I would recommend 'Calling Mrs Christmas' if you like the Chick Lit genre, are a fan of Christmastime and enjoy a quick read. I really couldn't put this down, from about half way through I was constantly guessing what the ending might be and although the clues were there, I was never quite sure what would actually happen. A great read and I will definitely read another Carole Matthews again.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you like this genre of book definitely have a read....even though it is not Christmas now, it will remind you of the festive period or prepare you for the next one!

Thanks for looking.

** All opinions expressed in this review are my own, I have not received any compensation for my review and do not wish to offend in any way.

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