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Book Review #6 (2014) - 'I Heart Hollywood' by Lindsey Kelk

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Firstly, I must apologise as I have been neglecting my blog recently. There isn't a particular reason know when life just takes over? Well, yeah, that's it! Life just got in the way lol! My little one is definitely mobile now which keeps me busy, I've had a bit of a cold more recently and we've also been getting ready for Christmas (yes, I said the C word!) as we are having to budget as I'm on my last few months of maternity :( So that has what's been happening in a really quick nutshell...a bit like Angela's blog in the book I'm about to review, although not nearly as exciting! I will try and blog a little more, my birthday is coming up on Friday (eek!) and I'm hoping to have enough money to buy an Erin Condren Life Planner!! So that will be coming up and I thought I might document how I get ready for Christmas and what things I have planned for Chloe's first one!!

Anyway, let me get on to this book review! I have got a few books in my pile to review, another of Lindsey Kelk's, 'The Single Girl's To Do List' and Carole Matthew's, 'A Place to Call Home' but I finished this book today and have a spare hour to pop a short review for anyone who may be interested.

I Heart Hollywood (2010)
Lindsey Kelk

As you know if you read my blog, I absolutely love chick lit, in fact I am beginning to dabble with a bit of writing of this genre myself. I found Kelk a couple of years ago and have loved every book of hers I've read. This is no exception. The 'I Heart' series never fails to please. I may be reading this series in the wrong order but it really doesn't seem to matter! They work on their own as well as a series in my opinion. Check out 'I Heart New York' if you want to start at the beginning!

Angela is faced with many dilemmas in this novel. Does she visit LA and grab the chance of a lifetime? Does she tell Alex she loves him? Does she face up to the gossip hounds? Does she face what happened the night before? The reader's are taken along on her journey to meet a famous actor, James Jacobs and carry out the interview of a lifetime. Will it all end in success or will it all go terribly wrong? Knowing Angela and her escapades I'll let you ponder on that one. Of course, Jenny Lopez is back to help her solve any problems she may face but will Angela realise that her best friend has problems of her own? And where does the love of her life, Alex, fit in? 

'I Heart Hollywood' is full of glamour, laughter and romance. Full of the classic ingredients of a chick lit but with twists and turns throughout that keeps the reader on their toes. The loveable characters of Angela and her crazy friend Jenny Lopez, are back and it is great to escape into their world for a little while. I laughed out loud many a time and if you have enjoyed any of the 'I Heart' series or are just looking for a new collection to read then definitely give this one a go. 


Sorry it is so short but definitely try it! It was a great book and I'm looking forward to finishing the series...even if in the wrong order! Look out for 'I Heart Vegas' and 'I Heart Paris' reviews to come! Right, I'm off to bed! Hopefully my little one will have a good night!

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