Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 3: Cleaning Schedule

Hi All

Day 3....it's going well so far! The topic today I haven't had chance to really put into place as of yet. I really need to get into a routine with my cleaning. Now I am back at work and have a little person running around, time for cleaning seems to be limited! I have been looking for external sources to help me get myself organised and someone recommended 'Clean Mama' on Instagram.

Have a look at her website, Facebook and Instagram-it's inspiring! She has six things that she tries to do each day to keep on top of things. Here is her original blog post for you to take a look.

I have used this idea and adapted it slightly to suit me. So from today I am going to aim to each day:

  1. Wash the dishes and put them away-this is definitely a problem area for us, we haven't got a dishwasher and often have tea late, therefore we can be lazy!
  2. Deal with mail on a daily basis-my filing is out of control! I have been trying to do this more recently so that I don't end up keeping things I don't need.
  3. Clear the stairs each day on the way up to bed-another area that we seem to clutter up each day and then it becomes a dumping ground!
  4. Clear and clean down all counters-kitchen and bathroom. 
  5. Put toys, clothes and anything we have used away at the end of the day, even if being used the next day (this is a common excuse of mine!)
  6. Pick up in the living room, bathroom and bedroom for five minutes at the end of the day-usually clothes seem to linger in these places, particularly my hubby's!
So thank you for the tip Clean Mama! I will try and do these six things each day to keep on top of our problem areas and will then adapt my cleaning schedule based on how it goes! I'd love to hear what your cleaning schedule is, particularly on a daily basis! I am working on getting mine a bit more formalised with fancy charts and things...although this may just be my avoidance tactic ;-)

Enjoy your day and happy cleaning!