Monday, 30 December 2013

Crafty Picks of 2013

Hi All

We've had a bit of a lazy day today....did a little but of cleaning earlier and double checked my hospital bag (as I've been a bit uncomfortable with cramps etc over the past few days!) which is all ready to go!

So, today I thought I'd share some of my crafty makes from 2013 which seems to be doing the rounds on the blogs at the mo. I will try to limit it to my top 5 so as not to bore you silly! Then I said I'd go and make some homemade sausage rolls...I say homemade but it just consists of rolling out the ready made pastry and chopping up the sausages lol! My main baking day was this time last week!

Anyway, this has definitely been the year of SMASHing and scrapbooking for me. I have made very few cards and am really enjoying making something that I know I will be able to keep and treasure. I am very excited to try and start Project Life this year to document our little ones first year (and our first time into the life of parenthood!)

My first favourite of 2013 then is this scrapbook page which marked a new kind of style for my scrapbooking. No longer was it 'get as many elements on the page as I could,' it was now more minimal with the focus being the photograph. This is a picture of the hubby and I in Canada which was a fab holiday we went on in 2012.

My second favourite of the year was a page in my red doodle SMASH book of myself and my two friends from school. I really enjoyed making this and loved the colour scheme-I thought it went really well with the outfits of my friends! Lol! I love SMASHing, which I call 'messy scrapbooking!' There are no rules and anything goes!

My third project to share with you is another scrapbook page, this time with hidden journaling! This has become a bit of a theme in my scrapping since as sometimes all of the details I like to keep private from everybody but still want to be able to read myself in the future. I got this particular idea from someone on much inspiration!
My fourth project is another scrapbook page of our trip to Canada. I was really chuffed that this page was featured in DoCrafts Creativity magazine! It is the first time I have ever had anything 'published' in a magazine. I loved the DoCrafts travel range that came out earlier in the year, it was perfect to document our trip. I really need to make a full scrapbook though of events, rather than have odd pages! Lol! Maybe that could be a New Year's Resolution!
My fifth and final project to share has got to be another page in my red doodle SMASH page which documents an extremely exciting time for us, me finding out I was pregnant! I really enjoyed making this page and know that I will enjoy reading the journaling in the years to come. Even though another close favourite was my 30 before 30 page, this one had to make the top five with it being so important to us. Hope you like it!
Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed looking at my crafty projects and if you'd like to see more of them, you can find them at Arline's Scrapping Good Time. I'm not sure at the moment whether I will keep this blog open or put everything in this one....will have to have a think! I am hoping that I will be able to find some time to still craft, even with a newborn!
I'll be back tomorrow with my New Year's Resolutions! Thanks for looking!
P.S. Apologies for the different size piccies....blogger seems to be playing up today!

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